Innovative data intensive services and business development

Data to Intelligence Program

D2l program is focused on big data, data reserves and user-centric service development. The aim of the program is to develop intelligent tools and methods for managing, refining and utilizing diverse data. The results enable innovative business models and services.

To boost Finnish international competitiveness through intelligent (context-sensitive, personalized, proactive) data processing technologies and services that add measurable value.

Vision 2015
We have developed the necessary intelligent methods and tools for managing, refining and utilizing diverse data pools. The results enable innovative data-intensive business models and services.

The program has a matrix organization consisting of 2 work packages and 7 miniecosystems. The Proof of Concepts work package is concerned primarily with user needs and business models and processes, while the algorithms, platforms and tools needed for processing large masses of data are developed in the Enabling Methodologies work package. The work package structure is complemented by business sector oriented miniecosystems, which focus on applications in traffic, multimedia, security, industry, customer intelligence, wellness and forestry.

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